Doctor's Recommendations

Oral Cancer Screening: I have always done a visual oral cancer screening. Now new technology brings a new device to help detect oral cancer. I highly recommend this be done at every check up appointment. Please sign the form on the Patient Form Page and bring with you when you come in to your appointment.

Floss: You should be doing at minimal once a day. Regular floss is still the best option for cleaning in-between your teeth. If you can't or don't want to use floss, at least use floss picks, something is better than nothing. A waterpick is a great thing to have especially if you have crowns and or bridges. Now, if you like to kill 2 birds with 1 stone, check out the "Sonic-Fusion," a toothbrush and waterpick in one!!

Mouth Wash: Listerine all the way! Clinically proven to kill bacteria. ACT is my recommendation for the children. 

Braces: Patients going through orthodontic treatment could have a high incidence of white spots around the brackets. Daily fluoride rinses have been shown to be beneficial to help avoid these. 

Toothpaste: All toothpaste have similar formulations, so this is more of a personal choice. 

Clenchers & or Grinders: A night guard is the best thing you can do to help protect your teeth from severe wear and keeps from having jaw problems. This also helps relieve headaches associated with clenching or grinding.

Pain: Don't wait until you have it. If you feel something is not right, definitely have it checked out immediately. This can keep your teeth in a healthier state and keep expenses down. 

6 Month Check Ups: Coming every 6 months will help prevent major treatment from being needed.

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